Personalizing your recruitment. Customizing our systems to reflect your organization’s unique characteristics.


Targeting. Over the years, we have developed many physician networks. Our carefully created database includes thousands of physicians and residency and fellowship directors from throughout the country. We’ll help to design your recruitment strategies and then conduct targeted searches to create a network of awareness among physicians and academicians in your desired specialty.
Advertising and marketing. We’ll develop an advertising strategy for each search, including design, layout and format details. Then we’ll manage all advertising and direct mail activities, effectively promoting your organization and geographic area.
Researching the market and salaries. You’ll benefit from our large databases with current data to help you understand your competition, national compensation trends, residency program availability and enrollment, and other competitive analyses.
Managing the pre-interview process. Mountain Medical Group will develop a recruitment plan that schedules activities for the entire recruitment period. We’ll respond quickly and present the opportunity in the best possible light, while building relationships with candidates and their families. We will facilitate all aspects of the pre-interview period, including an on-site visit to gain a thorough understanding of the opportunity, careful candidate screening, preliminary conference calls, travel planning, and organization.
Referencing. We are proactive rather than reactive, so we focus on obtaining critical information early rather than later in the process. We rigorously screen each candidate prior to interviewing.
Interviewing. The physician’s visit to your community is your chance to shine. By paying attention to the details that make the difference, your organization can make its opportunity stand out. We’ll provide you with practice-specific interviewing processes, screening criteria and approaches, and interviewing techniques that will assure the best results are derived from the visit. With our thorough preparation, every interview will become a verification, not a discovery.
The Close. This critical juncture is one that few understand and where many successful searches fail. At the Mountain Medical Group, our seasoned professionals will provide to you and implement effective negotiating and closing strategies that deliver your desired results.
Recruit for Retention. The average length of time a new physician spends at his or her first job is 2.4 years, so retention is an important part of any recruitment process. Our experienced staff will help you develop effective physician retention strategies for your organization.